Our ratios

We are passionate about Crazy Camps being the safest and most enjoyable school holiday club available. Our coach to child ratios always meet mandatory requirement and are typically two or three times better than what is required of us. On top of this, we believe our staff qualifications and experiences to be significantly more than similar organisations. As of 2019 over 80% of our staff held QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), including specialisms in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), Primary and Physical Education.

  • Age 4 and 5 multi-sports club maximum staff to child ratio is 1:15

  • Year 1 and 2 groups maximum ratio is 1:18 (typically 1:15)

  • Year 3+ groups maximum ratio 1:21 (typically 1:15)

How we place children into appropriate groups

All age 4 and 5 (up to Reception age) children are placed into our youngest Multi-Sports clubsThese clubs are staffed by our most experienced and qualified staff (either qualified teachers or specialist sports coaches). As you would expect for these younger children, the maximum ratio of staff to children is our lowest at any of our venues and we endeavour to keep the ratio to 1:12 to keep the quality of coaching provision high.

Year 1+ groups are usually placed into the age group corresponding to their current school year group (which changes each September at the end of the summer holidays). It is sometimes more appropriate to place children into a year group above or below by a school year, especially if they have friends in a different year group that they wish to attend the camp with. If you wish to place your child into a different year group to the one they are currently in, please contact us prior to booking to discuss your needs.