Our ratios

We are passionate about Crazy Camps being the safest and most enjoyable school holiday club available. Our coach to child ratios always meet mandatory requirement and are typically two or three times better than what is required of us. On top of this, we believe our staff qualifications and experiences to be significantly more than similar organisations. As of 2019 over 80% of our staff held QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), including specialisms in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), Primary and Physical Education.

How we place children into appropriate groups

All Reception age children are placed into our youngest Crazy Skamps group and we adhere to a strict maximum 1:8 child to coach ratio in this group. This group will also contain most children from school Year 1, although dependent on age, development and consultation with the child and parents we do place some Year 1 children into the older age group. All children develop differently and we work hard to ensure that both staff and children feel they are in an appropriate group for them. The maximum coach to child ratio for this group is 1:8.

Our Crazy Rascals group is typically for children in school Years 2-4. That said, all children develop differently and children from Year 1 may be in this group if the Course Leader, child and parents deem Crazy Kids a more appropriate group to be in. Similarly, a child in Year 4 may be better suited to the oldest age group and may be placed in this group with consultation with parents and the child. As safety is our first priority, we reserve the right to refuse entry to a different age group if the Course Leader feels it not appropriate for a particular child. A typical ratio for this group is 1:12

Our Crazy Kids group contains a greater level of challenge and, as such, is reserved for the generally oldest children at the club from school Years 5-7. As with other groups, there may be individual children that move to a more appropriate group for their needs. A typical ratio for this group is 1:16.


If a parent wishes to discuss their child's group, please speak to us in advance, or talk to the Course Leader on the day.