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Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Crazy Camps is an inclusive club and all children are welcome at our camps, irrespective of any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We maintain a low adult to child ratio across all ranges, meaning that children can have an appropriate level of adult attention and support throughout their day. If you would like to disclose any medical or additional information about your child to us then you can do so when completing the online booking process. The information you submit will be on our daily registers and all adult staff will read these notes to better understand how to support your child during the day.

For more complex or severe physical, developmental, emotional or behavioural children, parents are advised to contact our office to discuss these needs in greater detail and to arrange additional adult support, if required. Crazy Camps is a small organisation and its staff are recruited into Group Leader roles, which means that if additional 1 to 1 adult support is needed for the child to participate in the club safely and successfully then we will support parents in finding and vetting suitable people, however we will not employ these additional adults directly ourselves.

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