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How can I pay for the school holiday camp with tax free childcare or childcare vouchers?

Most working parents are entitled to use either the Tax Free Childcare scheme, or childcare vouchers. Both allow families to pay for our camps and save on the cost. Signing up for tax free childcare is really quick and straightforward (we registered and use it for our children) and for every £8 you add to your account once you've registered online, the government automatically adds £2.


Steps for paying with Tax Free Childcare of childcare vouchers:

Book online with us, note the price and pay directly from your TFC account.


For Tax Free Childcare (TFC) payments

  1. Register and log into your tax free childcare account.

  2. Add Crazy Camps as one of your providers by searching 'Crazy Camps at (insert location)'. Setting IDs are also at this document.

  3. Transfer the payment.


For childcare voucher payments

  1. Check this document to see if your voucher scheme is currently being used by us. 

  2. If so, transfer the payment directly from your childcare voucher provider.

  3. If your scheme is not currently known to us, no problem, please email us the scheme details and we will register with them to allow you to pay through your current voucher scheme.

All Ofsted certificates can be found at this folder: 


Which childcare Vouchers can I use to pay for the school holiday camps?

All of them! If it's not a provider we have listed at our childcare provider document, then contact us with the provider name and we will register to accept vouchers from them. This usually takes a couple of days to complete.

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