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Information For Parents

Crazy Camps aims to run the safest, most enjoyable and best value camps in your area - every school holiday

We are a local, independent and hugely passionate team that is dedicated to transforming school holiday days from the mundane to the outrageously brilliant. 


Our ethos is simple - create a timetable of events that is the envy of any school holiday camp and deliver that timetable in a safe, inclusive and hugely exciting way so that we leave kids are counting down the days until the next school holiday.

Our team is incredibly motivated, supported and guided to make this happen. The qualifications and experience of our team is second to none, with some of the area's top brains in childcare provision and event management experience on board.

You know that holiday club with inexperienced staff, missing equipment, huge group sizes and an air of exploiting young and keen staff? So do we and we know that families deserve so much better. Our own families' and friends' children are regulars at our camps and we are passionate to ensure every minute of every day in the holidays is unsurpassed in its quality, safety and fun.

If you are new to holiday camps and aren't yet sure, then why not book a single day to check us out, get phenomenal feedback from your children and spread the word to your friends that this is the real deal. 

How do we keep the prices fair with the top-class daily timetables on offer? Simple. We have community families and groups of friends that come back to us holiday after holiday and year after year because of our professionalism and because we keep things fresh. Profits don't disappear to random nameless shareholders and every member of our team is committed to the long term success of every camp we run.

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