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Crazy Camps - Terms and Conditions of Sale

In booking onto a Crazy Camps club, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of sale as outlined below.


  1. About Crazy Camps

    1. Crazy Camps is a subsidiary of Crazy Enterprises Ltd (Company Number 07709095) and all activities and camps are managed by Crazy Enterprises.

  2. Description of Services

    1. Crazy Camps provides non residential school holiday activity camps in line with the description of the club chosen. This will involve led tuition by DBS certified staff, who will be the main responsible adults during the session.

  3. Parent information

    1. To help ensure all children are kept safe and enjoy themselves, staff follow the Crazy Camps Behaviour Management guidelines set out in the Staff Handbook. Should a child’s behaviour be unmanageable, Crazy Camps reserves the right to ask a parent to remove a child without prior notice.

    2. After 1 hour of non-collection and after telephone calls have been made to the given contact phone numbers, it is our responsibility to contact social services emergency duty line and they will then take responsibility for your child.

  4. Payments
    1. The applicant agrees to pay the appropriate fees as advertised for the club chosen. 

    2. Crazy Camps will refund fully if for any reason a club is cancelled. Crazy Camps are not responsible for non-attendance due to illness or any event out of Crazy Camps’ control.

    3. If Crazy Camps receives a cancellation at least 48 hours in advance of the club start time, Crazy Camps will offer a full refund. 

    4. Payment must be received 14 days prior to the club start date, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed. Customers who have not paid may not be accepted onto sessions.

    5. Receipts will be given out upon request.

  5. Admission

    1. A child will only be allowed to attend the club once payment in full has been received.

    2. Crazy Camps must be informed of the individuals who have permission to collect each child from the club.

    3. Crazy Camps clubs are sold on a first come first served basis with a capacity as advertised for the individual club. After the capacity is reached, a reserve list will be created.

    4. A child may only attend the club when the full details asked for on the application form has been completed and submitted. It is the parent/carers responsibility to keep contact details and medical information up to date.

  6. Medical information and administering medicine

    1. If a child attending a Crazy Camps venue requires medication of any kind, their parent or carer must complete a permission to administer medicine form in advance or at sign in. Staff at the Club will not administer any medication without such prior written consent. 

    2. Ideally children should take their medication before arriving at the Club. If this is not possible, children will be encouraged to take personal responsibility for their medication, if appropriate. If children carry their own medication (eg asthma inhalers), the Club staff will offer to keep the medication safe until it is required. Inhalers must be labelled with the child’s name. 

    3. Crazy Camps staff will only administer medication that has been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. If a medicine contains aspirin we can only administer it if it has been prescribed by a doctor. All prescription medication provided must have the prescription sticker attached which includes the child’s name, the date, the type of medicine and the dosage. 

    4. If a child requires a non prescription medication to be administered, we will consider this on a case by case basis after careful discussion with the parent or carer. We reserve the right to refuse to administer non prescription medication. 

    5. Any medical equipment must be provided by the parent and labelled (e.g. epi-pen, asthma pump etc). It is the parent’s responsibility to let the Crazy Camps member of staff know how to use the equipment.
      More information is at the Crazy Camps Medicine Administration Policy.

    6. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, Crazy Camps coaches are given permission to administer first aid to any child should injury/illness occurs, within their capabilities and first aid qualification.

  7. Food allergies and other conditions

    1. If your child has any type of allergy or other relevant condition, please ensure that the appropriate part of the booking form has been completed in order to make Crazy Camps aware.

    2. All Crazy Camps clubs are no nut clubs and parents are requested not to pack these for their children.

  8. Health rules

    1. A Crazy Camps Paediatric First Aider will be present at every session.

    2. In the unlikely event of an accident identified as significantly serious by the first aider and the parent/carer/emergency contact person cannot be reached the named venue and Crazy Camps will call an ambulance and admit the child to the appropriate medical practice. In these circumstances the child will always be accompanied by an adult.

  9. Health procedures

    1. Parents/carers will be informed if an accident has occurred during the session and the details will be entered into our accident folder.

    2. Parents/carers are required to provide suitable clothing (depending on the weather), change of clothes and suncream for their child. Sun hats are also recommended on hot days. This is the parent/guardian’s responsibility.

    3. Crazy Camps recommends trainers. Flimsy footwear such as sandals need to be avoided, as children will be active. Parents are required to provide a raincoat, as Crazy Camps may run sessions outdoors in all weather conditions.

    4. If a child has not been provided suitable sun protection, Crazy Camps staff will attempt to contact the parent and seek permission to provide sun cream for the child. Should the parent be uncontactable, the Course Leader will assess the likelihood of sun related illness should sun cream not be applied and make a judgement call as to whether this risk outweighs the risk of allergy to cuncream. The medical register will be checked for any known suncream allergy prior to any suncream being offered to the child for application.

    5. Parents/carers will be responsible for providing spare clothing, cleaning and changing a child in the unlikely event of a child soiling her/himself. Parents/carers will be contacted immediately if this occurs.

    6. Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery for health and safety reasons and children with long hair are advised to tie it back.

  10. Toilet training expectations

    1. Toilet Training Requirement: All children enrolled at any site are expected to be toilet trained. This means that children should be able to use the toilet independently, without assistance, including managing their clothing and practicing good hygiene (e.g., flushing, washing hands).

    2. Definition of Toilet Trained: Being toilet trained includes recognising the need to go to the bathroom, being able to communicate this need, and being able to use the toilet without adult assistance. Children should also be able to manage their clothing independently (e.g., pulling down pants, underwear) and clean themselves after using the toilet.

    3. Accidents: We understand that accidents can happen, especially with younger children who are recently toilet trained. Our staff are prepared to handle occasional accidents with sensitivity and understanding. However, if a child has frequent accidents or is not effectively toilet trained, we may request a meeting with the parents/guardians to discuss the situation and find a suitable solution. We reserve the right to cnacel any future days at camp and refund those days until a child is suitably toilet trained.

    4. For recently toilet trained children, or those prone to accidents, please provide a change of clothes.

    5. Collaboration with Parents/Guardians: We believe in working closely with parents/guardians to support the developmental needs of each child. If your child is nearing the toilet training stage or you are working on toilet training at home, please communicate with us so we can provide consistent support and encouragement at daycare.

    6. Exceptions and Special Needs: We recognise that some children may have medical, developmental, or other special needs that affect their ability to be toilet trained by a certain age. We are committed to inclusivity and will work with families on a case-by-case basis to accommodate these needs. Please discuss any such circumstances with us in advance so we can best support your child. This support may require a one to one adult to support the child at camp.

  11. Illness

    1. Your child should not attend sessions if he/she has a severe cough, ear ache, fever, sore throat, cold etc. If your child has experienced vomiting/diarrhoea or discharge from the eyes, ears or nose in the past 24 hours, we ask that he/she does not attend the session.

    2. Your child should not attend sessions during the incubation period of any contagious illness to which he/she has been exposed. The GP will advise when to return to activities.

    3. Notify Crazy Camps if your child has developed any contagious illness.

    4. The Crazy Camps coach or staff will contact you if your child shows evidence of illness during the session. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to have your child picked up from the session as soon as possible should this be the case.

    5. If a child is absent through illness or other reasons, please contact Crazy Camps on the first day of absence.

    6. If the absence is prolonged please contact Crazy Camps to ensure that the place is still available for the child’s return.

  12. Personal effects

    1. Crazy Camps advise children not to bring any valuable items/precious belongings.

    2. Crazy Camps are not responsible for the loss of any items.

    3. Parents/Guardians should check all items are taken from sessions, as Crazy Camps coaches cannot be responsible for lost property.

  13. Complaints, cancellation and refunds

    1. It is the aim for Crazy Camps to resolve any complaints or concerns as quickly and amicably as possible. Refunds for any clubs cancelled by Crazy Camps are issued within 28 days.

    2. In the first case, complaints are to be raised with staff and they will make every effort to resolve the issue. Complaints are to be directed to the Club Coordinator.

    3. If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction you should follow the complaints procedure set below:

    4. Put your complaint in writing to the Club Coordinator. Include names, dates, times and what you’re unhappy about in the letter/email. 

    5. We will acknowledge and investigate your complaint within 28 days. If there is a delay, we will advise you of the reasons

    6. The response you receive will be copied to all staff members concerned. If you are unhappy with the outcome we will refer the matter to the next stage, which may include: informing Ofsted, setting up a Board of Enquiry to consider systemic shortcomings.

    7. Our complaints policy is here.

  14. Behaviour management

    1. Crazy Camps has an established behaviour management model 

    2. Please note as stated under the Parent’s Information section, Crazy Camps reserves the right to refuse admission. We may seek to apply this term if your child’s behaviour has a negative effect on the other children.

    3. Parents are asked to inform Crazy Camps if there has been any event that may have an effect on their child’s behaviour.

  15. Child protection

    1. All Crazy Camps coaches have attended Safeguarding training.

    2. Coaches will refer any child protection issues to the Club Coordinator and in turn on to the Crazy Camps Safeguarding Officer.

    3.   Any further action taken will be in line with safeguarding guidelines and in consultation with the appropriate authorities.

    4. Safeguarding Policy is available at all venues and upon request.

  16. Photography/Filming and Images

    1. No parent, guardian or other spectator is permitted to use photography or video recording devices during the sessions. Any individual who does so will be asked to stop and will be removed if they refuse to stop.

    2. More information regarding LSA Photograph and Filming Policy is here.

  17. Weather

    1. Crazy Camps sessions will run regardless of the weather conditions.  Crazy Camps have alternative provision should a suitable playing area not be available. This takes the form of an indoor curriculum that can be conducted in an indoor setting (e.g. classroom, cafe area, changing rooms).

  18. Privacy Policy

    1. LSA Privacy Policy information is here.

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