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Our commitment to safeguarding and making sure all children have the safest and most rewarding days of their lives.


We have been organising and delivering safe and inclusive kids clubs in our community for ten years and counting. In that time we have never had a referral to Ofsted or local authorities brought to our attention and we are incredibly proud of our impeccable safety record. Throughout this time we have seen many thousands of children and clocked up hundreds of thousands of activity hours. Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of everyone at our camps and our dedication to this is something we continually strive to challenge and improve in order to keep our sterling reputation intact.


For every minute at every camp we ensure:

  • Our child to staff ratio meets and sometimes far exceeds statutory requirements.

  • Staff are trained, inducted and supported to ensure they can deliver on our promise to be incredible in loco parentis ambassadors to your children.

  • Equipment is regularly inspected and replaced and that suitable equipment is chosen for each age group. 

  • Children take part in activities in suitable size and age appropriate groups.

  • Paediatric first aid qualified staff are always present at each camp.

  • We implement and regularly review a policy of safeguarding in line with government statutory guidelines and a Safeguarding Level 3 qualified member of management is appointed.

  • We operate a Safer Recruitment policy for all new staff at our clubs.

  • We risk assess our venues and activities and implement any additional actions required from these assessments.

  • There is a clear complaints procedure should any issues arise.

  • Behaviour is managed in a way that supports children to learn and enjoy themselves, whilst protecting children from unwanted experiences.

  • Our policies, including Safeguarding, Privacy, Photography and filming, Safer Recruitment and Behaviour Management are available for parents on request.

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