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Early Years Crazy Kids' Club

Games and activities for children aged 4 and 5 that are not yet in Year 1

Our Early Years Crazy Kids' Clubs focus on fun, being active and inclusivity. Our sessions are structured and activities are adult led. Whilst no child is forced to take part in an adult led activity, they are encouraged to do so and each event is imaginatively designed for younger children. Our Early Years Group Leaders are our most experienced staff and they use a variety of differentiation methods to support children to take part in these progressive activities.

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding the outline of the day, how your child will be supported, or if you would like access to any of our policies or procedures.

Take a look below at some of the activities your child will get to know and love whilst they spend time with us.

Example Early Years timetable.png

Hungry hippos - Similar to the board game hungry hippos, can you collect the most balls to win the game?  

Equipment: Foam hockey sticks, foam hockey balls.

Cat and Mouse - What do cats love to catch? That's right, mice's tails. Evasive fun from the Mouse House!

Equipment: tag belts.

Angry Gorillas - Gorillas don't want to be locked up in the zoo, so they throw their bananas at the zookeepers as revenge.

Equipment: dodgeballs.

Bugs and Spiders - The bugs from Bugneyland love to party, but every once in a while they need to sneak past the spiders get some bug snacks. Will they all make it back in time for the next bug disco?

Equipment: tag belts and bean bags.

Sharks and surfers - You’re enjoying your surfing session until sharks come to try and steal your board! Keep your football away from the incoming sharks to win the game! 
Equipment: Dodgeballs or small footballs.

Racing cars - A special race track is made with cones. How quickly can you make it round the track whilst maintaining control of your football? 
Equipment: Cones or small footballs.

What’s the time Mr Wolf - What’s the time Mr Wolf? Take steps towards the wolf (coach) and 
when it’s dinner time you better be ready to run away! 
Equipment: Just the playing area.

Grandma’s footsteps - How sneaky can you be? Try and steal the bib out of the coaches hand but if they turn around you better be ready to freeze or it’s back to the start for you!
Equipment: Extra bib or cone for Grandma’s treasure.

Monkey in the Middle - Like Piggy in the middle, but pigs only have hooves, so how can they intercept a ball with their hands?

Stuck in the mud - Can you use speed to avoid getting tagged and help your teammates who are stuck in the mud?  
Equipment: Just the playing area.

Rocket Throw - How far can you throw the foam rockets and balls? Points are given for height, distance and style! 
Equipment: Foam Javelins and tennis balls.

T-Ball Strike - Tennis balls are placed on top of a large tripod and children get to swing and strike the ball with guaranteed hits every turn.

Tidy your bedroom - Can you clear your bedroom of all of your balls? You better be quick, because the other team is doing the same thing and emptying their balls onto your side! The team with the least balls in their sides when the time is up wins! 

Equipment: Dodgeballs.

Mini Football match - Take part in a variety of mini football games, such as Penalty Shootouts, dribbling races and number games! 
Equipment: Footballs and goals.

Mini Dodgeball match - Dip Dodge and Dive away from the incoming dodgeballs and try to throw them back at the other team! 
Equipment: Dodgeballs.

Quidditch - Can you make it across the quidditch field? Run as fast as you can and try to avoid the soft dodgeballs!   

Equipment: Dodgeballs.

Captains on deck - The ship is in dangerous waters and the Captain is on deck! Listen to his commands to ensure you can navigate out of these waters in one piece! Commands such as ‘Periscopes out’, ‘Hit the Deck’, and ‘Sharks!’ Equipment: Footballs.

Snakey Snakey / Bulldogs - Can you make it across the lake? Be careful! It’s full of snakes. These snakes make special commands so make sure to listen to make sure you permission to cross the lake!

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