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Laser Tag

This is certainly no tiny-arena- for laser-quest. 100% safe, industry leading technology and a well-aimed shot can record a hit at distances up to 80m.

Add to that a fully customisable arena up to 10,000 m2 and countless game modes and players have some serious, crazy fun to be had!

Bouncy Castle



Queen/King of the Ring, rolling races and zorb football are some of the fun activities we referee!

Zorbs 800px.jpg

Climbing Wall

Younger children are challenged to traverse the 15' wall and older children get to use harnesses and auto belays all the way to the top.

Screenshot 2019-11-04 at 17.03.54.png


From total archery novices to seasoned pros, there’s fun and challenge to be had by all.

If a child has never held a bow before we’ll having them confidently hitting the target before the end of their first session and for our future Robin Hoods we will help them to refine their technique as they hit the bullseye with increasing accuracy.

Nerf Wars

Build bases, shoot targets and play team nerf war games! Hours of fun for all ages!



Combat archery, sometimes known as battle archery is a sport similar to dodgeball, paintball or Nerf war played with bows and arrows tipped with foam. 


On your marks...set...GO!

berg go kart.jpg


If you can dodge a ball, you can play dodgeball!

Baseball and Cricket

Whether it's using a baseball 'tee' to allow younger players to get the feel of a strong strike on the ball, or older and more experienced players bowling at each other, we will ensure all ages and abilities get the right level of challenge to enjoy themselves.

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