Laser Tag

This is certainly no tiny-arena- for laser-quest. 100% safe, industry leading technology and a well-aimed shot can record a hit at distances up to 80m.

Add to that a fully customisable arena up to 10,000 m2 and countless game modes and players have some serious, crazy fun to be had!

Bouncy Castle


If you can dodge a ball, you can play dodgeball!

Baseball and Cricket

Whether it's using a baseball 'tee' to allow younger players to get the feel of a strong strike on the ball, or older and more experienced players bowling at each other, we will ensure all ages and abilities get the right level of challenge to enjoy themselves.

Scavenger Hunt

Children need to solve clues in their team to find out where the next point on the hunt is.

Go, go, go!

Nerf Wars

Build bases, shoot targets and play team nerf war games! Hours of fun for all ages!

Outdoor Adventurous 

Your research plane has crashed in the deepest, darkest jungle. How can you survive? These super hands on sessions will give children an opportunity to have a go at all of the things they love to watch on TV survival shows. Team tasks include building shelters, rope work, making fires, SOS signalling, filtering water, scavenger hunts, constructing traps etc. 

Art Attack

Paint rollers, PVA glue, giant sheets of paper, coveralls, foil, twigs, leaves, recyclable plastic, card, crayons, chalk, newspaper, plywood…

Each daily Art Attack challenge will spark and stretch imagination and creativity for everyone and will be a lot of crazy fun..


From total archery novices to seasoned pros, there’s fun and challenge to be had by all.

If a child has never held a bow before we’ll having them confidently hitting the target before the end of their first session and for our future Robin Hoods we will help them to refine their technique as they hit the bullseye with increasing accuracy.


We have soooo much space both indoors and outdoors so we can do the best sports. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis plus more!

We have top coaches ready to help teach your children skills and new games!



Combat archery, sometimes known as battle archery is a sport similar to dodgeball, paintball or Nerf war played with bows and arrows tipped with foam. 


Pedals. ... There's no gears to worry about on a standard kart, just an accelerator pedal that pumps juice into the engine and a brake pedal that helps you control your speed

Early Years Multi-Sports Club

This is a specialist club for 4 and 5 year olds that aims to support their physical development with a range of sports based games and competitions in a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment. More information here.



We make sure we provide the best games and activities, we have lots of exciting new games and activities new to every camps. Did someone say Quad bikes soon?